The History of Italian Food

If you are looking for information about Italian food, maybe this will help you. Italian food relies on ingredients that are fresh such as vegetables, fruits, grains, fish, meat, seafood, and olive oil. the cooking techniques are often simple and the preparation time is pretty short.

Italian food is cooked in a way to preserve their ingredients appearance and taste. It is almost always prepared with olive oil.

Here are some health benefits of the foods that Italians eat. The diet is plant based and have an emphasis on vegetables such as zucchini, tomatoes, and eggplants. They also usually use grains, beans, seeds, and olive oil. The food ingredients are usually eaten when fresh or cooked al dente. It is usually not baked or stewed. The olive oil that is used contains monounsaturated fats. Studies have suggested that monounsaturated fats have reduced the chance of getting coronary heart disease. White meat, fish, and poultry are consumed more than red meat. Besides olive oil, fats are not usually consumed.

For the menu in Italy, this is what it usually consists of. First is the antipasto. This is a selection of hot or cold appetizers. Second is the primo. This is where most of the carbohydrates come in the meal. This will usually be pasta that is prepared with sauce, polenta or soup, risotto, or gnocchi, depending on the restaurant. Third is secondo. this is the main dish and consists of seafood, fish, or meat. The fourth thing is dolce which is a dessert.

As for cookbooks, the Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well is one of the most recognized Italian cookbooks of modern times. Another cookbook is the Silver Spoon. This book combines contemporary and traditional recipes influenced by other cuisines. It has sauces, cheese dishes, antipasti, and sweets recipes in it. Another cookbook that might come in handy is The Talisman Italian Cookbook. This book has some of the best Italian recipes in it. For some great italian food, be sure to check out italian restaurant irving tx.

So as you can see, Italian food has lots of different flavors to it and can help you stay healthy if you eat it right.


How to Diagnose a Refrigerator Compressor

Refrigerator compressor with 3 pin traingular layout

Refrigerator compressor with 3 pin traingular layout

If your refrigerator isn't cooling, it could be the compressor. Turn the temperature knob all the way down then turn it back on.  If you hear a fan but don't hear the compressor kick on, here's how to diagnose it. These instructions are courtesy of refrigerator repair houston.

First, buy a multimeter from the hardware store (around $20).  A multimeter measures, voltage, current and resistance. Next, unplug the refrigerator.  Remove the refrigerator from the wall and remove the back panel and you'll find the compressor.  There will be 3 pins in the shape of a triangle.  Test the bottom 2 pins and you should get a reading of around 10.  Then, go from the top middle pin to the bottom left pin, which should give you a reading around of 6.  Then, go from the top middle pin to the bottom right, which should give a reading around 4.  If any of the readings are not even close, you have a bad compressor. If the readings all look good, then you probably have a bad relay overload, which should be a pretty cheap fix.